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Wes Schaeffer is the creator and owner of The Sales Whisperer®, a sales training, marketing and consulting firm with an emphasis on automation.

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Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels

“Cliff Clavin” by Rocky A Tools To Thrive

Automate Your Sales & Marketing: To build a business that scales you need processes and automation. Since 2008 I’ve used Infusionsoft to do just that. […]

You Really Think You Should Hire Your Sales Manager From Within?

Sales management training is the key to growing your business in any economy but most don't do it.

The Bible Tells You How to get More Twitter Followers

The Bible Tells You How to Get More (Twitter) Followers. Follow the Good Book and things will come your way in business and in life.

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Infusionsoft combines everything your business needs—contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce—into a single online system. It’s the easiest way to grow sales and save time.

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