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TSP 131: Fear of Success is a First World Problem. Succeed With Dr. Rachna Jain.

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to let go of things that are holding you back.
How to overcome your fear of success and fear of failure.
How to leverage the changes in SEO and social media to […]

TSP 130: Steve Chou’s Wife Quit Her Job

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to scale your business with limited time.
How to bloom where you’re planted.
How to use “The Psychology of Persuasion” to grow your sales.
When and how to use testimonials to grow your […]

TSP 129: Business Grow Guru, Mark Schaefer Is In Da House

What you’ll learn in this episode…

What to say “yes” to.
How social media marketing compares to advertising.
When and if to hold back.
How to charge your friends…and how to make every client a friend.

[Tweet “The #1 problem […]

Is marketing an expense or an investment?

Why Businesses Should View Marketing as an Investment, Not an Expense 

If you view your marketing campaign as an expense rather than an investment, you’re likely denying your business the incredible ROI that it has to […]