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AWeber vs Infusionsoft for email marketing, list building and autoresponders.

AWeber vs Infusionsoft. Simple Email Auto Responder vs All-In-One Business-Builder.

I’ve been helping a friend that owns a local restaurant get proactive about marketing her restaurant, which means building a list, so I helped her decide AWeber vs Infusionsoft.

Since she is new to all of this we started updating her Facebook Fan Page and I recommended she create a Birthday Club to capture the pertinent info for her visitors:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Favorite meal
  • Additional interests such as their catering, eating contests, daily deals, etc.

Since 2008 I’ve been a big user / promoter / supporter / trainer / consultant of Infusionsoft. However, it is not for everyone. Before I was an Infusionsoft Consultant I was an entrepreneur so I gladly help my entrepreneurial clients get started with the right tools at the right price.

At the end of the day, growing a thriving business is all about list building and email marketing is a vital component for most any business today, which is why new businesses should take a look at getting their list-building and email marketing started with AWeber.

AWeber lets you start for $1 and you only pay $19.95/mo until you get up to 500 names on your list so you won’t pay much to begin your email marketing efforts.

Cool Thing #1 About AWeber: Saturday Support via Chat! Infusionsoft has 24×7 chat during the week but not the weekends. They have experimented with expanded chat support on the weekends but it is not yet available 24×7, so kudos on AWeber on providing this type of support.

Bummer Thing #1 About AWeber: Naming Lists. Limited naming options for lists. I’m building a “birthday list” for my client so logic would dictate that I name the list….Birthday! Not with Aweber because some dude in Alberta or Tokyo or Riverside already has that name. (WTH?) Aweber has just one big database so if someone takes the name you are hosed. So now I have to name the list like an AOL username – birthday_102!@#$_money_list_with_a_happy_face. (Nice, huh?)

The AWeber tech support dude – who was very nice and prompt and knowledgeable, by the way – tells me:

Support: [10:18:03 AM] It needs to be a name that has not already be used by another customer.
Wes: [10:18:29 AM] What?

[10:18:35 AM] In the entire world?

Support: [10:19:40 AM] In our database.

Wes: [10:20:30 AM] So I can’t name my list of people that fill out my birthday form “Birthday” because some dude in Alberta Canada named his list Birthday first?

Support: [10:21:13 AM] It has to be a unique list name that has not be taken.

Wes: [10:21:37 AM] that’s the craziest thing i ever heard.
[10:21:38 AM] oh well
Support: [10:22:55 AM] The list names are specific an pertain directly to your campaign. If 1,000 people had the list name “birthday”, then a subscriber could not directly unsubscribe from your specific list because there are so many other lists with that name.
Wes: [10:24:26 AM] I’ve used Infusionsoft for 4 years and we name the list whatever we want. I only have one Birthday list. Who cares if Bubba in Montana has a birthday list? Amy Smith in Mississippi is not subscribed to Bubba’s birthday list. She’s subscribed to mine, therefore, she can unsub from mine.

Infusionsoft lets me create as many lists as I want and I don’t have to worry about the names because they are only applicable within my own database, as it should be.
Cool Thing #2 About AWeber: Nice Web Forms. It is really simple to make nice looking, custom web forms with AWeber.
Bummer Thing #2 About AWeber: Stupid Web Forms.There is no pre-set field for phone numbers! (I guess they are just an email tool.) You also can’t make a drop down menu with multiple options that allows the visitor to “Select all that apply.” You have to make multiple, individual check boxes. This is ok, just not elegant.
Bummer Thing #3 About AWeber: Can’t Edit The Thank You Page.When a prospect opts in to your database, a marketing best practice is to send them to a Thank You page. This is done for many reasons:
  1. It confirms that their information has been received.
  2. It gives them further instructions such as “check your email to confirm.”
  3. It gives you a chance to continue marketing and/or upselling them.

AWeber lets you add your logo to their default Thank You page. If you want more than that you have to create your own Thank You page on your own site. That is not a huge deal, especially if you are good with WordPress or a similar CMS, but a lot of people are not good with web sites. Many of my clients are locked into onerous contracts with their web guys (or gals) and/or bought some package from the Yellow Pages and either can’t update their sites, can’t update them easily and/or can’t reach the leeches they are paying through the nose each month to make a change on their own sites.

Presenting additional offers and information and upsells and invitations to interact with your social media sites is a huge opportunity for your Thank You page. Not being able to do this easily with AWeber is a bummer in my opinion.

It’s a nice Saturday morning so I’ll wrap this up for now but stay tuned for more updates and feel free to add your own below in the comments section.

If you need more help growing your sales, check out the following resources scattered around this site and a few others I operate, such as:

Good Selling,

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Showing 10 comments
  • Eric Canja

    As the “sales whisper” I get a sense in this article that you would like to speak in a louder tone…

    …thank goodness there is no volume in text!

    Sometimes it just seems as online entrepreneurs – we can sound like we are from the planet “automateicon” – especially when it comes to explaining how supremely cool technology is for traditional brick and mortar businesses…

    (noticed I made up my own word… I was paying attention during the mastermind call)

    Sounds like the tech support dude was “just doing his job”… So what was the outcome with your client?

    And thanks for sharing this, as well as what you did on Thursday morning, like your style.

    • thesaleswhisperer

      Nice “Suessing”, Eric and thanks for the kind words. The outcome is fine. The client is new to all of this and the form serves its purpose for now. It just made me appreciate the tools I have with Infusionsoft.

  • Brett Warner

    Outside of the naming of the lists for a simple opt in all the other complaints can easily be handled. Custom thank you pages can be done, custom forms, etc.. For leads from a single source for a small business I’d most likely recommend Aweber. I say this as both an Infusionsoft and Aweber user, sounds like the business needed a blender not a chainsaw.

    • thesaleswhisperer

      Brett, I mostly agree. AWeber is what I set them up with and it’s a great start for them. But when people say that Infusionsoft is difficult I say “BS”. It’s just comprehensive. AWeber is only simple because it does very little. Yet despite its limited features it is still limiting in how it lets you do your thing. But for now it’s a fine “blender” for them.
      Thanks for your comment. Good selling. Wes

  • Ellen (Gluten Free Diva)

    Wes – I am new to online marketing. I just started my Gluten Free Diva Health Coaching Practice and am launching my first of what I hope to be many virtual programs. I joined aWeber a few mths ago and installed a form on my blog/website for people to sign up for my email list. At the recommendation of a colleague, I bit the bullet and signed up for Infusionsoft. I have my first coaching session in a week. I’m wondering if it’s overkill for me. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

    • thesaleswhisperer

      Ellen, Infusionsoft is not overkill for anyone wanting to go big. AWeber is good for a start but if you are committed to growing and automating your business (you need to automate to really grow) then Infusionsoft is what you need. That being said, it’s like someone asking “Is it overkill to go gluten free? Can’t I just ‘ease into it’ and maybe cut out toast for breakfast at first?” The answer is “you CAN” but what are your long term goals? Marketing your business is your #1 job. Building a big list is the purpose of marketing. Marketing should be fun for you, the business owner, but, like going gluten-free, it takes some planning, it may be uncomfortable at first, it may be frustrating until you get the hang of it but once you start to see the results it all becomes worth it. Building a business is hard work. Just because your business is online doesn’t make it any easier. It just means you don’t have to get dressed and drive into the office. Stick with it. Buy my book, which will then get you access to my weekly Infusionsoft Mastermind calls. Give yourself 60 days to really dig in and get going. You could also ask to be assigned to my team and me to conduct your Kickstart calls. We get after it!! Good luck and thanks for your question. Wes

  • Flavio

    Hi Wes, if we go to aweber first and later we decide to migrate to infusionsoft, how painfull is that? I’m questioning that mainly from the perpective of my customer on my list. Will they need to have to opt in again? Thanks, Flavio

    • wschaeffer

      They will not have to opt-in again. As long as you have good list management within AWeber it will not be hard to export to a CSV and re-import into Infusionsoft. You can also copy and paste your emails and follow up sequences easily. Tedious. But easy. The big issue will be swapping out your web form code. If you have one main site and maybe you’re embedding forms into your Facebook Fan Page that won’t be a big deal. But after 6 years I have 198 web forms and 99 Campaigns built out so changing for me would be a nightmare.

      So if you just need to get started, please use my Aweber affiliate link and get started for $1 then as low as $19.95/mo and get comfortable with creating your web forms, list segmentation and follow up sequences. Then, when you’re ready, give me a call for a quick demo and review and if I agree it’s time for Infusionsoft, I’ll help you get started or I’ll tell you you’re not ready. I tell more people they’re not ready for Infusionsoft than I help get started.

      Thanks for the question.

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