TSP 138: Jeff Sieh Shares How To Make Money on Pinterest

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to really leverage Pinterest (and other social media platforms) to make money.
What role images play in growing your brand.
Where to get good images for free or nearly free.
How to […]

TSP 137: The Keys To Grow Your Sales Are Found In The Florida Keys, With Tami Forbes

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to find good people.
The role of the cell phone in the workplace.
How to handle change.
How to handle negative feedback.
How to determine the right product mix for your business.

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TSP 136: From Rock Bottom To Awaken The King, Greg W. Anderson

What you’ll learn in this episode…

The power of addictions and how to leverage them to your advantage
What “The Marshmallow Theory” is and how it can help you grow
How to write a book when you have […]

TSP 135: How To Make Yourself a Memorable Expert With Mike Stromsoe

What you’ll learn in this episode…

Mike’s “3P Blueprint” for growing any business.
Which industry to study to grow (it’s not your current industry.)
The power of guarantees.
How to apply the 80/20 rule to your business.
When to use […]

TSP 134: Speak Your Way to Profits With Gary Genard

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to use humor in your talks and speeches.
The role stories play in communicating.
When and if to use visuals when you speak.
The most important thing to do when you speak.
Where […]

The Whisper: You’re too effective at being inefficient

Quick, name someone famous. Anyone. An actor, athlete, musician, politician, entrepreneur.

Maybe you’re on your iPhone and thought of Steve Jobs. Maybe you’re getting in your car and thought of Henry Ford.

Maybe you have ESPN on […]

TSP 133: How To Be Happy, Have Fun & Succeed, With Jennifer Murphy

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How “dollar tampons” can help you grow your business.
How to leverage video to build a following, a business, and a brand.
What role humor plays in business and marketing.
How to have […]

TSP 132: Meet “The Blind Blogger,” Max Ivey

What you’ll learn in this episode…

The importance of a not going it alone.
How Walt Disney’s limits were his strengths.
How to set vanity and fear aside so you can succeed.
How to choose to have a positive […]

TSP 131: Fear of Success is a First World Problem. Succeed With Dr. Rachna Jain.

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to let go of things that are holding you back.
How to overcome your fear of success and fear of failure.
How to leverage the changes in SEO and social media to […]

TSP 130: Steve Chou’s Wife Quit Her Job

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to scale your business with limited time.
How to bloom where you’re planted.
How to use “The Psychology of Persuasion” to grow your sales.
When and how to use testimonials to grow your […]

TSP 139: Cheyenne Bostock: From Homeless To Hopeful

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to bounce back from losing it all.
The importance of transparency.
How to write your first book.
How to start sharing your talent with the world.
How to find your purpose in life.
The […]

TSP 129: Business Grow Guru, Mark Schaefer Is In Da House

What you’ll learn in this episode…

What to say “yes” to.
How social media marketing compares to advertising.
When and if to hold back.
How to charge your friends…and how to make every client a friend.

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Is marketing an expense or an investment?

Why Businesses Should View Marketing as an Investment, Not an Expense 

If you view your marketing campaign as an expense rather than an investment, you’re likely denying your business the incredible ROI that it has to […]

TSP 128: Donald Kelly, The Sales Evangelist, Is In The Hotseat

What you’ll learn in this episode…

How to make money over the phone.
If it’s really possible to love cold calling.
How to be successful…really successful.
When is the best time to make a cold call.

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TSP 127: Be Bold. Speak Your Truth. Persuasion Expert Dave Lakhani

What you’ll learn in this episode…

Process—not time—heals all wounds.
The importance of resiliency and grit.
The difference between persuasion and manipulation.
The reason you need to polarize people.
What being bold really means.

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