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Since 1994 I’ve looked for ways to drive sales, and I’ve learned that selling is easier and more valuable to both the sales person and the client if good marketing makes the client aware of you and then contacts you to buy because none of us likes to be “sold.” Although this is only one piece of the revenue-generation pipeline pie, I believe this piece deserves to be done right because it supports and enables a business’ biggest investment: People.

But my take on sales and marketing differs from most.

-Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®

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Whether you are a business who sells through a website, a retail/office location or a sales team, the fastest way to discover what Infusionsoft can do for your business is to watch a quick demonstration video.


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Let the Infusionsoft Certified Consultant of the year and author of “The Definitive Guide to Infusionsoft” and his team help you get the most out of your Infusionsoft application.


Hosted on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month, jump on a visual and audio conference bridge to get your most pressing Infusionsoft questions answered and receive quick training on new feature releases or enhancements.


  • Leverage Marketing Automation To Nurture Your Leads.
  • Manage Your Sales Pipelines, Opportunities, Workflows, Quoting, and Contact History With a Customizable CRM.
  • Get Paid Online Or Process Payments Manually With Your Ecommerce Storefront and One-Click Order Forms With Upsells.
  • Create and Manage Referrals, Affiliate Partners, and Affiliate Resources To Drive More Targeted, Free Traffic To You.
  • See Detailed Reports On Sales, Visitors, Social Sharing, Marketing, and More To Know Where To Grow.

To grow you need to hire more people or create processes and systems that run “auto-magically.” To do this fast you need an expert, a guide a “sherpa” that has climbed those mountains already and can help you navigate the peaks and valleys safely, yet swiftly. That’s what Wes does as The Sales Whisperer® and he’s here to help you grow as quickly as possible. See how below.

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I was so thankful to hear Wes Schaeffer’s speech at the last Chamber breakfast. In a time when you wonder as you talk to other business professionals will they be optimist or pessimist, it was a great relief to get the encouragement from Wes. He did not know his speech was for me. Wes talked about how a business can thrive and be extremely successful no matter how the economy looks. He gave many steps to help me focus on some specifics in my business. This year is the “Year of Increase” for my family and Wes’ speech just confirmed how we can make it happen. Thanks Wes for your profound expertise! It has been fun getting to know you!

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Owner, New Life Ultrasound

When we found you we were looking to…”Learn how the heck Infusionsoft works…” We choose you because…”I bought your book because it seemed comprehensive, yet written to a non-technical person, (i.e. “ME”).” We were really pleased with the results, especially…”The book is excellent.” As a direct result of working with you, we found that…”We’ll see – but I’m excited about Infusionsoft now.” We recommend you to anyone who…”Wants to purchase Infusionsoft – I wish I had found you before I purchased it direct from them.”

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