“Roadmap To Revenue” By Kristin Zhivago Book Review

By: Wes Schaeffer - The Sales Whisperer

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Roadmap to Revenue, Sales Book by Sales Coach Kristin Zhivago,
“Roadmap To Revenue” By Kristin Zhivago

The key to big profits is the development and implementation and strict adherence to big processes. In “Roadmap to Revenue,” Kristin provides the guidance and directions you need to see clearly how to develop the processes you need to sell to your clients the way they want to buy.

She provides examples and stories to keep it interesting along with key insights into the four main buying processes your various clients follow including the most nagging, frustrating and irritating (in my opinion) the “Heavy Scrutiny” process.

This book is not “light reading.” This book is a dense, detailed guide for the serious business owner / professional sales person that is committed to doing what the competition will not do in order to stand out in this competitive environment.

You will be better, more efficient and more profitable in how you run your sales and marketing efforts if you follow what Kristin Zhivago hands you on a big, wide, beefy shiny silver platter with a beautiful blue compass on it. If you don’t read it and heed it you have no right to complain about how tough business is. It’s only tough for the lazy.

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