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How To Bounce Back From a $2.9 Million Loss With Gene Hammett


About Today’s Guest

Gene Hammett is a strategic business coach who believes in systems and loves sales. (A man after my own heart!)
He believes sales is the most critical component of business. Gene started his coaching about 4.5 years ago after he ran a successful business until it wasn’t successful! Doh!
He trusted […]

Correct or Eject For Business Growth With Jim Keenan


About Today’s Guest

Jim Keenan is not just “A Sales Guy,” he is “The Sales Guy.” After running sales teams for 20 years he started blogging about 6 years ago. He learned then that your bank account is not your biggest asset when you want to go it alone. Hear what […]

Ever panicked on a 3-mile swim?

What Does Not Kill Us Truly Makes Us Stronger!!!

Who says 44 year old Air Force dudes can’t swim?

A year ago I practiced what I preach by “pulling the trigger and riding the bullet” when I told my USAFA classmate I’d do the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim with him this past […]

Behind The Scenes With The Sales Whisperer Himself


About Today’s Guest

Today I change up the music and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how The Sales Whisperer® came to be. It was not a “grow-to-the-sky” journey by any stretch of the imagination. Laid off three times in two years—twice on my birthday! On unemployment when two of my […]

See The Top 10 Episodes of The Sales Podcast

With 99 episodes published so far, and this being the end of 2014, it’s a great time to review the top 10 most downloaded episodes of The Sales Podcast.

#10 – Dominate Social Media – and Business – With Adam Houlahan. Adam went from zero social media presence to 20 million […]

Learn How To Get Paid For Your Results With Joe Ingram


About Today’s Guest

Joe Ingram was an electrical engineer by degree. He was “good at making flow charts but not at keeping his mouth shut.” Hear how he turned that inAbility into a successful career in sales, sales training, and entrepreneurship.

Tools To Thrive

Automate Your Sales & Marketing: To build a business […]