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Want a better bottom line? Start with a better…

The #1 rule of marketing is DON’T BE BORING! The #1 thing we—and our prospects—process is the headline or our opening line on the phone or our greeting at a trade show or networking event or how we approach the prospect when they walk into the store. You are literally betting your […]

Learn The Direct Mail Solution with Craig Simpson


About Today’s Guest

From post cards to 80-page sales letters selling everything from RVs to legal help to fitness training, Craig Simpson is a direct mail guru, and he can help you grow your sales with direct mail as well.

Tools To Thrive

Automate Your Sales & Marketing: To build a business that […]

Use Infusionsoft Campaign Builder In Apple Safari

When you try to use the Campaign Builder in Infusionsoft with Safari you’ll get an error message like this:

What a drag!

But fear not. The fix is really pretty simple.

Start by going into “Safari > Preferences.”

Go to the “Advanced” icon on the far right and in the very bottom make sure […]

Learn to Command Any Room with Kristin Thompson


About Today’s Guest

Kristin Thompson is the founder of Speak. Serve. Grow. She can help you use speaking as a way to grow your business by not only getting the speaking gigs but by creating and delivering more “functional” talks vs. motivational talks. Hear her story on episode 111 of The […]

Hit By a Truck. Picked Herself Back Up with Dr. Nicole Eastman


About Today’s Guest

Nicole Eastman was a fitness instructor, a D.O. trained in Osteopathic Medicine, and had been married two weeks and it happened. She was hit at 65 mph by a semi-truck.
Still struggling with the loss of her father, who was just 53, her coping mechanism of exercising was ripped away […]

Infusionsoft vs 1ShoppingCart

What is a CRM? What is marketing automation? Who makes the best platform? Is there an all-encompassing platform or am I forced to juggle multiple systems? Infusionsoft vs. 1ShoppingCart examined up close and personal.